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This Week's Group Discussions
MY MOST EXCITING PLAN - What is the most exciting thing coming up in your life? Let's talk about what we'll be doing in the next few months! WHY DIDN'T SOMEONE TELL ME? - What is something that happened to you that you wish you had been warned about? What advice do you have for people about certain situations they might face?
WHAT'S GROWING IN YOUR GARDEN? - It seems that spring is finally here! Let's talk about what's already growing in your garden, and what new plants you are planning to plant this year. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME - Our parents teach us many things as we are growing up. What is the one thing your mother taught you that has shaped you as an adult?
For each of Pam's discussions with 4 participants, 1 name will be chosen afterwards to receive the discussion free!

English Discussion Schedule English Writing Correction Interactive English Lessons

Adjectives and NounsI will show you pictures. You will be asked to describe the picture, being sure to use at least one adjective for each noun. For example: a rainy day, a white cat, a brilliant student (like you!)
Amazing FactsPlease have 2 or 3 amazing facts or websites to share with us. This will be a great time of sharing!
Beginners Only - IntroductionsThis discussion is for people who have just begun to learn English, or have been away from English for a long time. Please sign up for this discussion if you have not studied English for more than a few months, or if you have been away from English for a long time and are just returning.
Be of Good CheerWhen you have had a difficult day, or things in your life just aren't going right, how do you keep a positive attitude?
Casual ConversationThere is no specific topic for this conversation. It will be just like friends that meet after work for refreshments and small talk.
Complete the SentenceI will type a word or phrase in the Skype window. Then we will each take turns adding one word at a time until we have a complete sentence.
Convince Me!Each week, this will be a different topic. You will need to present some facts, examples, and other forms of proof to try to convince the other participants to accept your opinion as our own. The weekly topic will be in the schedule grid.
Correct the TutorI will type phrases and sentences in the chat window with at least one mistake in each one. How many of my errors can you find?
Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Use in Your CountryAt what age is it legal to buy alcohol and cigarettes? At what age do most people begin to use these things? How are offenders punished? Is addiction a growing problem in your country? Are there rehab centers available?
Environment, Nature and AnimalsThere are many current topics regarding these areas. Please have questions, articles or opinions ready to share with the other people in this discussion.
Extraordinary LeadershipYou need to download this free audio file. Listen to it as often as you need to so you'll be able to answer questions about Robin Sharma's ideas.
FriendsInvite a friend to join you for a casual conversation. This petite (small) discussion is just the right size for two people (plus me!) to have a nice little talk in "Friendlish".
Grammar GamesDo you think grammar is always boring? Try this discussion and see if you change your mind!
Grocery ShoppingHow do you remember what to buy when you do your shopping? Do you shop daily, weekly or monthly? In what do you carry your groceries home? Do you use coupons? Do you watch for sales and shop at different stores according to these sales?
Impromptu Speech PracticeThere will be a list of topics to choose from. Each person will have 1 minute to prepare and 2 minutes to speak. Afterwards, I will offer corrections and suggestions.
Increase Your VocabularyEach week, I will choose a new category. As a group, you will say all the words you can think of which fit into that category. I may give you some hints to help you think of more words. After we have a long list, each person will choose 3-4 words from the list and type a sentence into the Skype chat window. I will read each sentence aloud and make any necessary corrections. The same category is repeated in each discussion until the following week, so please only sign up for one vocabulary discussion each week.
Learning English - Your AdventurePlease share with each other how you have tried to learn English, what worked and what didn't work, and how you will continue to learn in the future.
Listen CarefullyI will read a short story about a real-life situation. You will try to understand as much of the story as possible without seeing the text. After asking questions and discussing the story, I will show you the text and everyone will read part of the story.
Mixing Your FoodDifferent cultures mix different foods together. For example, a classic sandwich is PB&J, or Peanut Butter and Jelly. Do you and your friends eat this, or ketchup on scrambled eggs? Let's talk about which food combinations are popular in your country.
Opposing ViewpointsThe topic this week is: Do humans exploit animals when they keep them as pets and/or in zoos? Please prepare an argument for "yes" and for "no". You will find out which viewpoint you need to convince us of at the time of the discussion.
Question and AnswerWhat questions do you have about vocabulary, idioms, grammar, learning English, or how to bake the perfect cake? Between all the members of this discussion, we should be able to answer any of your questions.
Photo AlbumEach Photo Album discussion has a particular topic. Before this discussion, please email pictures that match the topic. I will put them into a private webpage, and you will have the opportunity to explain them to the other participants as we look at them together.
Quick Questions - Brief AnswersI will ask a series of questions that require only very short answers. We will go quickly from one person to the next. They will all be questions about you and your preferences. For example: Do you live in a house or an apartment? Have you ever lived in another country? The purpose of this discussion will be to help you answer questions quickly.
Read AloudAbout 24 hours before this discussion, a story will be emailed to you. Each person in the discussion will read a portion of the story aloud for the other learners. I will offer suggestions and answer questions after each person reads. At the end, I will read the entire story for everyone. Each of these discussions will use a different story, so feel free to sign up for more than one.
Recreation in Your CountryWhat do people in your country do for recreation? If you have a day off, or even just an afternoon off, how do you spend your time? What do people find relaxing? What kinds of recreation are popular?
This Day in HistoryPlease search the Internet for something that happened in any year, on the date of this discussion. Try to have a picture to show or a short paragraph to read about the event.
To Budget or Not to BudgetMost people are concerned about the current financial situation. Let's talk on a more personal level. Do you have a budget? If not, why not? If so, is it written down? How closely do you follow it? What financial tips do you have for others?
Weekly Wrap-UpWhat major events happened this past week? Let's talk about events in your country, your city, your family or your own life. The events we discuss don't have to be in the newspapers to be interesting!
Your Favorite TechnologyWhat is your newest "Techno Toy"? I don't mean just toys, but to some people an iPod is a great toy! Have you just bought an iPod Nano? A Nintendo Wii? Or are you just getting your first cell phone? Let's "talk tech"!

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